We introduce you to a groundbreaking offer which is the token of future development and of the luxury market occupation with a new approach.

Welcome to the platform of the luxury Internet and the top-of-the-range services of the future.

We are pleased to introduce you to our Internet ecosystem. Here is its story. The idea started out of an assessment : to date, there is no complete Internet platform on the luxury theme and the top-of-the-range services. A platform must have a common thread to be efficient. Finding out the ending «» used by only some sites allowed us to create this ecosystem. «» is the breadcrumb trail that binds all the sites !

A complete choice of the domain names is the main feature of our unique offer which will build a solid foundation to the Internet of luxury and services. The scale change is decisive as the value of the ecosystem is higher than the sum of each actor’s individual value.

Communication among different actors is the platform key element. It allows an interactive data exchange with a multiplier effect on the traffic.

We have created a whole group that benefits from the mass effect by bringing a strategic presence in the VIP Internet. Targeting the client becomes easy and natural thanks to the structured composition of the platform. Memorization and easy-to-understand operation of the ecosystem makes the platform even more attractive.

Domain names’ key word allow to answer directly to a request of the internet user. Make a simple and intuitive access to the luxury field for the clients is the desired objective. The ecosystem we propose allows to create a «dreamketing» so as to develop a luxury universe around goods or services from various origins.

By using the number 4, we favor memorization. The target and the niche stand out better. Domain names are more common. The 301 redirect helps answer the question, is it easy to type. The 301 redirect also makes it possible to secure the platform by removing the only alternative.

The figure 4 as well as the term VIP bring a strong identity to the domain names with this two onomatopoeia

We offer an exclusive platform unmatched in today's internet world. Creating a timeless network with the DNA of luxury by using our representatives who are our domain names will make it possible to place the VIP client at the center of the high-end market. Taking control of the luxury and high-end services of tomorrow's Internet is now possible.

4VIP Limited

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